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Feel Seen. Be Heard. Find Meaning

Each one of our providers embodies the meaning behind these words ensuring we meet each of our clients or patients with the care we'd be looking for in a provider. Our providers take a comprehensive look at the whole person's wellbeing; mental emotional heath as well as physical health all play a part in our healing.

Our Story

The MindBody Collective started with a small group of providers looking to solve some of the common issues they were running into with their clients. How do you collaborate and refer someone to another provider in a way that's easy for the client and affordable?

A group of providers gathered for the first time Fall of 2022 and the shared interest was unanimous. We've continued meeting since with the goal and purpose of building better collaboration, understanding and efficiencies in helping the clients we serve and making the process seamless and affordable!

We are a group of private practice practitioners and holistic providers coming together to offer integrative approaches for our clients and patients! Connecting people to a wide array of modalities and taking into consideration the individual as a whole. The MindBody Collective also provides a space for community, hosting events, seminars and workshops that will be open to community members to learn, grow and heal!

Meet Our Providers

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